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BJP have no majority in Andhrapradesh - Whether this is the reason for discriminating Andhrapradesh


  • BJP in Andhrapradesh
  • Why BJP is discriminating  Andhrapradesh
  • Political Status of BJP in Andhrapradesh
  • Reasons why no Special Status or Package

  • BJP in Andhrapradesh
As compared to 90s BJP is now in better position in Andhrapradesh. Youngsters are getting hope in Narendra Modi Vision as well as literates. As compared from previous status of the membership status of BJP after Modi entry 50% of new members are getting engaged in Bhartiya Jantha Party now. But Special status and package as well as discrimination of Andhrapradesh in granting budget is showing negative, negative means exclusively negative impact on BJP.

Practically local active participants of  BJP have to answer the questions regarding to special status and special packages and why BJP is discriminating Andhrapradesh in such odd situations. BJP is expanding its wings and claws in Andhra, at this situation a focus on discrimination of Andhrapradesh will be a great negative shade of BJP.      

  • Why BJP is discriminating  Andhrapradesh
Not sure why BJP is discriminating Andhrapradesh, but this is one of the reason political annalist are expressing. That is that Bhartiya Janatha Party is concentrating on the regions on which it is having grip among that Geographical area. literally where the party is active and hope of winning in election race there it is giving high priority. 

So in Andhrapradesh Telugu Desam and YSR Congress party is main political parties, whereas they are in leading race. Till now there is no hop-able statics of political winning race of BJP in Andhrapradesh. 
So, BJP is not willing to show interest in development of Andhra region.

Another topic is spreading among general public is that while in Gujarat Riots there is a voting conducted, voting against Narendra Modi, in that voting Modi requested Chandrababu naidu to vote at his favor, in that situation Chandrababu naidu replied that he will act as what is correct.

  • Political Status of BJP in Andhrapradesh
Until now BJP have a positive response in Andhrapradesh. Although Senior active participants are not encouraging youngsters in party, they are still active in the role they engaged for. But at present situation the game was changed. BJP is falling back where it started. 

An unnecessary discrimination which is not at all necessary at present situation is showing by Bharatiya Janatha party on Andhraregion. 

  • Reasons why no Special Status or Package
A daring and dashing leader is necessary for Andhrapradesh, Slow snailing decision taker is not at all necessary for Andhrapradesh at present situation. A prompt decision taker who is capable to lead the fire borne out from the discrimination is just and necessary for the state now. A concept of slow and study will not help the state any more. This type of thinking may be a great asset to opposition party and they may use same as critic weapon against ruling party on next election. 

BJP in previous election got enough majority to win their word in Parliament, fact is that they have enough majority, so literally they are playing with Andhra region as well as they are discriminating Andhrapradesh, not only discriminating Andhra region but also representatives of Andhrapradesh.

These are the some of the reasons among many reasons for  discriminating  Andhrapradesh by BJP.   

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