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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Check mate to RTA brokers

 Quick Andhra web report ⌨ : The Central Governments is going to introduce new system for registration of vehicles in India .  New Vehicle which were purchased from dealers can obtain temporary registration and permanent registration
in online from the dealer who sold the Vehicle, Ministry of Highways and Transport decided to introduce this new system for registration of Vehicles. 

The Central Government either intentionally or unknowingly have done a good job by eradicating middle man in Transport Sector.  It is starting mile stone for the change in  the Society. Cannot be said that it is a middle man (Dhalari) check point but any thing shall be start at one point and this can be stated as starting point of the Change.

The next change over shall be expected in Agricltural produce. Except Government purchasing the Agricultural produce directly from Farmer there is no other option to eradicate Middle Man in this sector.

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