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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Advocate reacted on Mal-practice of Hospital - Approached Human Rights Commission- Seized Hospitals

    Quickandhra Web Report :  ⌨  :        He hailed from Advocate family and completed his graduation in law at present he is practicing as Advocate in his Fathers office at Sathupalli , Khammam District, Telangana State. He did not kept silent for the out laws found by him, Mal Practice of Fake Doctors which is health Hazardous to public, He complained the same to the concerned authority, but the authority did not responded to the complaint He did not remained silent, he fought for Justice He approached Human Rights Commission for the same. Honourable Human Rights Commission understood his contention and issued an enquiry on the issue, which resulted in seizing the Mal-Practice Hospitals.

Chintapalli Ravichandra is an Advocate Practicing at Sathupalli, Khammam District. While in course of Journey he found that in Khammam One of the Homeopathy Doctor
was Mal-practicing by running  Hospital and practicing modern system of medicine which is contrary to regulation of Indian Medical Council and the same was complained to the District Medical and Health officer  but the medical officer did not responded to the complaint filed by Ravichandra, but Ravichandra did not give up, He approached State Human Rights Commission and got his complaint admitted, the commission ordered enquiry on the issue which resulted the District Medical and Health Officer to inspect the Mal-Practicing Hospitals on Mufti and found Mal-Practice accordingly which resulted seizure of Mal-Practicing Hospital in Khammam. Not only one Hospital due to the effect the whole District was inspected by District Medical Officer Kondala Rao.


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