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Bharatiya Janatha Party is expanding in Andhra Pradesh

Politics Quick Andhra Internet Desk:  From  decades TDP and Congress Party are strongest Parties in Andhra Pradesh, but at present the situation was changed after division of the State in Andhra Pradesh. YSR Congress party and Telugu Desam are the main opponents in Andhra Pradesh. 

But at present the situation is different, Political consequences were being changed in Andhra Pradesh. YSR Congress. at the time of previous election YSR Congress party tried to use the sympathy wave of Y.S Rajasekhar Reddy. It worked, atleast YSR Congress stood in opposition in the state.  

But the time lapsed for sympathetic approach
of the party.  Now YSR Congress party have to approach the crew in new way. TDP is not giving a chance for that approach to YSR Congresss.

At present BJP is keeping its efforts to expand the Party in Andhra Pradesh. The Active memberships in the party are increased as compared before. People are voluntarily joining in BJP due to Modi effect  (Modi Mania).

Youth are heart fully attracted to BJP (MODI). The Middle aged persons are attracted to  Modi Policies and his way of approach. Educated understood the vision of Modi and supporting BJP Party. if  BJP Party takes certain precautions in expanding the Party in Andhra region it would succeed step by step.




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