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Comments are great advantages to this Cabinet Minister


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Nara Lokesh is an young upcoming Politician and he hailed from a reputed family. His studies were pursued at abroad. He is son of Honourable Chief Minister Sri. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu.

Let us come to the point recently he was honored with Cabinet Ministry, right from that he was been a blind target to the opposition party. 

Why not the point cant be considered as publicity stunt?

Any way the fact is that our Honourable Cabinet minister while giving his speech on an important occasion slipped his tongue with wrong pronunciation, on which it resulted bowing comments against him by opposition party. 

So for a while and for a week, for a month and for a year the opposition party targeted this Minister , discussed about him in every press meet, made him a media wanted person on another side of the coin they made him an icon for media. Now Every one came to know that Honourable Chief Minister Sri . Nara Chandra Babu Naidu have a Son and his name is Nara Lokesh and he is in a Cabinet Minister Possession.

Advantages regarding to this issue :-
1. Making Nara Lokesh Public icon
2. Making Nara Lokesh as Media Icon

3. Recognizing as Cabinet Minister

4. Free Publicity 

5. Now Every Media will cover Nara Lokesh Meetings to look out errors in his speech

6. Establishing him as Leader (A good leader Shall have publicity either negative or positive)

Disadvantages :-

A good political leader shall express his feelings in every meeting he attend may the followers  will disappoint of  the leaders speech.

  Finally Nara Lokesh may rectify his odds in past and may perform well in future, but the opposition
party cannot   take back the publicity given to him in past which would continue with him in his life time. 




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