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This is How they are Polluting the Ground Water of Chintalapudi Village - చింతలపూడి గ్రామం లో చెత్త తో కూడిన చెరువులు - ప్రజల ప్రాణాలతో చెలగాటం

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తెలుగు లో చదవటం కోసం  క్రింది కి స్క్రోల్ చెయ్యండి 

This is How they are Polluting the Ground Water of Chintalapudi Village

Quickandhra internet desk 08-06-2018 :  In Chintalapudi Village and Mandal there is a irrigation tank situated near by Bypass road named as Pedda Cheruvu in R.S.No.812 extent in 142-27 acres. Depending upon this Irrigation tank plenty of Agricultural lands are being cultivated as well as it is the place where the cattle was feed water irrespective of that nearby that Irrigation tank  a colony named Kovvuru gudem and Yerukula Bazar was situated whereas about 2000 and above families are residing nearby Pedda Cheruvu Irrigation tank and Chaitanya School was situated nearby this Irrigation tank.

The waste such as Chicken Waste, other decomposing waste materials are being dumped nearby this Irrigation tank.

What happens if such waste is dumped near by the Irrigation tanks  and nearby residential areas?

The water in this irrigation tank is used for the cultivation of Agricultural lands. The same water is being used for domestic purpose of the surrounding residents. The same water is being used for cattle to full fill thirst.

When the plastic materials and decomposed waste was mixed with water in Irrigation tanks the same will pollute the groundwater as well as the tank bed water. If such water was consumed by the cattle, they may affected with viral diseases. The Crop yielded with this water may show a negative impact on the health of public who consumed the food. Chaitanya  School is nearby this dumping place around 200 to 300 Students are pursuing their education at here.

The chicken waste and other plastic waste will decompose and will be shelter for the insects which are health hazardous such a mosquitos and other harmful   insects that may show negative impact on the surrounding residents.

Another Irrigation Tank by name Gurrajukunta situated in Chintalapudi, T.Narasapuram Road in Survey No.582 extent of  8-58 acres is similar to Pedda Cheruvu Irrigation tank. The whole waste is being dumped near by this irrigation tank. The similar problems because of dumping the waste nearby this Irrigation tanks are that Fishing the fishes in this tanks , using the water for cultivation of Agricultural lands and the same water is being feed to cattle.

Environment Issue :-

It is the matter of the fact that it is an environment issue, the groundwater is being polluted, the civilians health is in danger and the schools nearby such dump yards will show a negative impact on the health of the students the government have to initiate necessary proceedings in this aspect in this aspect.  


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