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whether Chandrababu naidu is going to be prosecuted?



Now the post which is being viral in Social media is that Chandrababu Naidu have to face prosecution if he is withdrawing with the Company of  Central Government in the matter of Special Status and special package for Andhrapradesh. This posts are being viral in Social Media. There is no doubt that it is completely a negative promotion on TDP and central government. Defaming Telugu Desam Party as well as defaming BJP party in another way as screening BJP as misusing its powers. Already Chandrababu naidu was prosecuted and declared as innocent by the Honourable High court Andhraprdesh. To remind one thing that Chandrababu naidu is one of the most intellectual person as graded in survey done by an international organisation. If Chandrababu Naidu have to face prosecution for asking special status and special package for Andhrapradesh BJP have to face the consequences as Congress now facing in Andhrapradesh. At present BJP is expanding in Andhrapradesh youngsters and educated persons are much interested in this party. So probably as per political Statistical strategy Prosecuting Chandrababu naidu will be a blender mistake and will show a great negative impact on the BJP party. That will not only show impact only on the single state, but it will show impact on another states too. So Probably there is no truth on prosecuting Chandrababu naidu regarding to Special status and special Package issue. 

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