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Indian Recipes Egg plant and Mango curry

Required essentials:- Eggplant half kilo, One Mango, Tamarind Juice - one glass, Dal Seeds : three spoons, salt, Turmeric powder, Chilly powder as required as well as oil as required to roast.

Procedure to make :
.Green Mango to be peeled and the piece shall be sliced thinly.
.Eggplant shall be pale and shall cut  into small piece. 
.Eggplant and Green mango pieces shall be boiled in a bowl along with Tamarind juice by adding salt as required.
.After boiling softened,
.Take a bowl and roast the Dal Seeds along with Hing in water after roasting add some water and put the softened curry in roasted mixture . let the curry boil on slight fire for 10 minutes.

Taste it Now.

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