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Indian Ayurveda Tips for Indigestion


When the food taken is not digested properly it will cause gastric trouble, then it will cause stomach pain, stomach bloating, lack of appetite and  Weariness.  

Some reasons for indigestion:

.Eating food more than the capacity
.irregular timings of food
.irregular timings of sleep
.Eating while in emotion

Precautions to be taken for indigestion
.Shall take the food which can be digested easily 
.Emotions shall be controlled while taking food
.Without digesting the food taken prior shall not take another food i.e., shall wait until get hungry 
.15 minute  of Day sleep that to on the left side is some what better
.Have to drink hot water at least twice a day.

Have to consult proper dietician and shall proper diet as advised.

Tips.1 Hing, pepper, Cumin, Ginger, Ajowan take all this ingredients in equal quantities and make them powder separately. Hing shall be fried in Cow ghee.  a pinch of any of the powder in Beet curries will make them cook fast as well such curries will cause free digestion.       
Tips.2 15. Radish Beet with salt daily once may give some relief 

Tip.3 after roasting Zingber in oil, Make it powder and mix that powder in 250 ml liter water then boil that water for 10-15 minutes and have to drink that boiled water mixture upto 30 ml per day for a period of one week then, may get some releif.

Tip.4 Before eating food take some ginger along with slat after removing its skin.

Note: This is a informative Website and the tips displayed foe viewers, Viewers are strictly advised not to follow the tips until consulting with expert in the prescribed area

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