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Indian Ayurveda Tips for Caries teeth


A small hole on teeth may transform into a hole in teeth . In such conditions the food particulars stuck on the holes, the particulars after decomposing will cause bacteria and destroy the teeth, this is how caries teeth causes.  

Tips.1 Making paste of Hing and inserting that paste in holes in teeth will give relief from pain caused by caries teeth.

Tips.2 After dipping cotton in Clove oil and inserting the same in Caries teeth will give relief from pain.

Tips.3 Brushing teeth with ashes collected after burning cotton seeds may give some relief from caries teeth pain.

Tips.4 brushing with Neem or Buble stick per day in a week may prevent Caries teeth  

Note : This is a informative Website for viewers, Viewer is not advised to follow the tips unless consulted to expert in this area 
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