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Bjp is Congress Xerox !

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Bhartiya Janatha Party is a National Party in India as well as Congress too. By looking far away from the scene it seems like that BJP and congress are in different sides and as rival parties. But the fact is that they are not rival, they are working with a planned and organised game plan in India.

Congress party played politics with Jagan Mohan Reddy and divided the state by discriminating Andhrapradesh for its political benefits. As said by Galla Jayadev in Parliament, by dividing the state congress party, wanted to establish its claws on Telangana region and whereas with a hope in Jagan Mohan reddy they discriminated Andhra region while dividing Andhra State.

Now Modi is using same formula among the Andhra region, it is nothing but monarchy system. Because the Division bill is clear about the budget, status, package privileges and still now BJP government is discriminating the Andhra region. The situation in Andhrapradesh is now that if Central government is not going to change its attitude on Andhra region development, except knocking the doors of court of law, there is no option left to Andhra region.

The strategy of Congress while dividing Adhrapradesh is that, the whole credit of division of state will be Congress party credit and it wanted to use it as election benefit canvas at that time, but KCR slapped  the thoughts of congress at that time with his leather shoe. Before declaring the division of state KCR agreed to deal to merge his party in Congress but after declaring division of state he played his politics which is unable to be expected by Congress party.

After Division Congress is well known about its possession in Andhrapradesh, so it kept YSR Congress as its pet to get grip in Andhrapradesh. But its dreams became night mare after ballet war.

Now BJP wants to focus on local parties, especially in Andhra pradesh BJP have no expected results as expected, but it is  not as weak as congress. Modi clearly showing his discrimination on Andhra pradesh. Congress discriminated Andhrapradesh in one way and Modi is dicriminating Andhra pradesh in another way at last the motive of both the parties is to discriminate Andhrapradesh in Development. Then why not this parties are xerox to each other in the matter of Andhrapradesh development! 

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