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An Outline of Unemployment in India


At present the Country populations about 132 crores and above. In the year of 2011 the unemployment rate is about 12 crores. as per the survey of International workers organisation in the year of 2017 the unemployment rate is about 1.83 crores and it was increased up to 1.86 crores in the year of 2018 , whereas it was expected to increase 1.86 to 1.89 crores in the year of 2019. Whereas from the survey of Bombay stock exchange and Center for Monitoring Economy  the unemployment rate in India is 5.8%.  

India is going  to be a country which will have highest population of  Young generation in the year of 2022.

At present India is having 65% of skilled workers and whereas per year 1.20 crores of  workers are introducing in market, but he the employment is provided only for 55 lakhs only. There are 14 lakhs jobs which have to filled by the central government and still Vacant. whereas all this issues are one side of the coin for a reason of unemployment. 

The other side of the coin is that the production is coming out more than demand, as well as the graduates too. When the production is more than the demand automatically the excessive product will loss its demand.

The employment requirement  in India is about 35% per year but the out put coming out from the educational institutions are 99% . every one want to be a job holder, because in India Job is a status issue in middle class and middle upper class families. No one prefers to commence business or some other areas that generates income. This is one of the reason on the other side of the coin. 

The government of India is still giving its efforts by way of implementing Employment Guarantee schemes, on which the unemployed in Village areas are being getting jobs in this regard.  



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