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Why to choose - Best price and best features Samsung J2 Rs.6990/-

Features: 2G, 3G, 4G Lite , GPRS, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, 8GB internal memory and can be extended up to 128GB.
Camera: 5MP Camera, 2MP rare Camera

OS : Android lollipop

Supports : Video Calls, Dual Sim, GPS, Video Player, FM Radio, Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, Email, Expandable memory.

If a perfect Mobile to  gift a smart phone for old aged parents and kids. Best price with enough features. The price listed of this mobile is Rs.6990/-.Due to development of Technology, now a days every one is having a smart phone  . But still have to remember that some of the people are unable to reach or understand the high ranged technology, as well as understanding apps and app features in Android mobiles.

And Some Sector of the Generation need a mobile phone only for Communication, Just like calling, Video calling they feel that rest of the features of the mobile are unnecessary and unwanted. Actually Middle aged around 50 to 60  may be in such mind set.

Most of the determined aged people as stated above wanted to communicate with their heirs who are in abroad or in any other area where they can not shuffle daily. So they will not entertain more features other than Voice Calling, Video calling and email communication .

Moreover a Mobile phone for house instead of landline doesn't need more features, the features in this Samsung J2 are good enough for a mobile for substituting land line.

Quick Andhra suggests this  Samsung J2 Mobile as a economy mobile available for best price. 

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