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Modi Blamed Congress - Fired on Congress - Andhrapradesh is evidence for Congress Political anarchy- Modi


At last Modi finally tried to divert the issue on Congress party. Discussed about state division, he blamed congress for division of Andhra and Telangana States and also blamed that Congress is the party who had played worst politics in Andhrapradesh and made a counter on Congress that Congress party is not a capable party to speak about Democracy as they are the persons who divided the states with a sudden and attacking motion .

Mr.Prime minister spoken about Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao and remembered his motive about Telugu people Self Esteem and how he is committed to his Slogan. 

The conclusion is that Modi didnt spoken any thing about Andhrapradesh development or assured any thing about the states development. He is diverting the topic on Congress past acts, but not what BJP is going to do for Andhrapradesh development.

Except assurance to Andhrapradesh every thing is discussed, it show how BJP is going to take care about Andhrapradesh. Telugu Desam Members remained salient after Modi came into scene and Modi declared wording war on congress party. At last the session was ended with a High drama to divert the Andhrapradesh Devlopment issue.  


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