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Microsoft and Lenovo Think system SR950 - New


Microsoft and Lenovo Think system SR950

The Lenovo think system SR950 is Lenovo's flagship Mission Critical Server. The SR950 running Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL server is key to an Enterprise Data Center implementation. Lenovo and Microsoft have two databasse Solutions for the SR950 as well as World Record Benchmark performance results with TPC and SAP benchmarks.

Microsoft and Lenovo :

The Lenovo and Microsoft partnership has been forged over many years. One of the goals of that partner is to ensure that the latest Microsoft technologies are a perfect fit with Lenovo Servers. Built with proven Lenovo inovation around industry-standarad  components. Lenovo servers help enchnace and extend Microsofts operating system. Virtualization technologies, and infrastructure platforms so you can build highly productive IT environment that can help your business acheieve true innovation.
Pair Lenovo SR950 with trusted operating system solutions from Microsoft such as Windows Server 2016- tested and proven for compatability. Lenovo offers the Windows server operating system, factory preloaded or as Reseller option kit.

Data base solutions on Lenovo SR950

The rapid growth of technology means the ability to collect vast amountss of data and support high rate online transactions. As the volume and velocity of data increases, extracting meaningful insight in a timely manner or supporting online transactions has  been more complex.
Microsoft and SR950 solutions help reduce time to value with pretested Think system SR950 hardware configurations with Microsoft Certification and detailed performance data. This provides a reduced TCO through better performance, rapid deployment and advanced hardware.

Data Warehouse Fast Track (DWFT) configuration

The Microsoft Data Warehouse Fast Track Processing (DWFT) configuration for SQL server 2017 improves time-to value for data ware housing needs with a new scalable architecture. This solution uses the Lenovo Think System SR950 server combined with Lenovo NVMe Enterprises Mainstream Flash Adapters to solve SQL database warehouse needs upto 90TB in size.

Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) configuration

The Microsoft Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) configuration for SQL server 2017 improves time-to  value for transactional needs with a new scalable architecture. This high performance solution in the Lenovo Portifolio uses the Lenovo Think System SR950 server combined with Lenovo Think System NVMe Enterprise Main stream Flash Adapter storage to solve SQL database transactional needs of upto 60 TB in size and 10 million transactions per minute(TPM) based on Hammerdb TPC-C testing results.

Advantages :

DWFT and OLTP  for SQL server 2017 for Lenovo solutions offerings are methodically and tuned to save months of configuration, setup, testing and tuning to complete the following tasks

. Buy all the hardware that you need from only one vendor including servers, storage and networking

.Pre-Optimized system tuned and tested with Microsoft Certification and deploy with confidence for your demanding transacctional database performance needs

.Selecct from different levels of performance, scalability and price to suit you business needs

.Run mission critical transactional workloads with small random IOPs with low latency requirements

.Eliminate bottlenecks with optimized rapid data reads and query aggregations

XClarity for Microsoft System Center

The Lenovo Xclarity family of software tools and applications used with the SR950 helps you standardize, simplify, and automate foundation infrastrcture processes. free up time to deploy agile development methodologies and ramp up delivery times of infrastrcture and services.
XClarity integrator for Microsoft System center includes a Hardware PRO Pack for System Center Virtual Machine Manager. This extends Xclarity Adminstrator feautures to Microsoft system center, consolidating unfrastrcture resource management in your familiar tool. Users gain the ability to visualize Lenov infrastrcture status and health, cofigure and update systems, get Advisory PRO tips for existing and predictive hardware problems and eliminate VM downtime by automatically utilizing Live Migration during rolling host reboots and updates as well as proactively on predictive hardware failure alerts.
XClarity Integrator for Microsoft System Center also includes a Deploymnet pack, System Ipdates, configuration pack and inventory Tool for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. This extends management in user familiar tool. Users gain the ability to create custom OS images with Lenovo drivers, configures systems and apply firmware updates using Windows Servers Update service. 

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