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Indian Ayurveda Tips for mouth sores


Tip 1. 1st Method : Indian Ayurvediic Tips: Mix Powder Nutmeg powder in sandalwood and apply it on tongue within  4 to 5 days you ill get healed. 
Tip. 2. Mix Alum in Water and dilute the water. Mix one gram Alum mixture in 100m.l water . With that mixture make gargling. it may give some relief.
Tip.3 Apply Cow Ghee in mouth it may give some relief
Tip.4 Grind the Coriander until it was done paste and mix a tea spoon such Coriander paste in a glass of water. Heat such water until half  glass of the water is evaporated. Then use rest of the water for gargling. 

Diet to be followed When Suffering with Mouth Sores 

.Diet shall consist Green Leafy Vegetables, Ghee and fruit
.Have to limit Non-Vegetarian
.Those who are suffering with Mouth Ulcer Shall not take spicy, .Sour and Salty food
.Shall take care of Washing mouth after eating anything  

.Have to take food that can be easily digested.

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