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Indian Ayurveda Tips for Dental problems -loose teeth and swollen gums


The General Dental problems are teeth motion, pus bleeding from teeth, blood bleeding form teeth and bacteria forming.

Tips:1. After brushing applying Sesame oil regularly to the gum will tight the gum and may control the bacterial bleeding from teeth and gums.

Tip.2 Gargling Sesame oil for 4 to 5 minute per day will give some relief for dental problem.

Tip.3 After burning Neem Sticks and Babul tree sticks collect the coal make it powder. Brush teeth with such coal.

Tip.4  Make Turmeric horn powder and brush teeth with such powder

Due to teeth pain, headache may cause if the pain is in extreme level consult an expert in this field.

Note : This is an Informative Article for viewers, viewer is not advised to follow tips without consulting expert in the area.     

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