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Valet Driver rash and negligent driving cause damages to its customer- False promises by Park Manager - Suffered its customer

    Quickandhra Web Report :  ⌨  :        Civil Surgeon who visited to Park Hotel at Somajiguda was ill treated by its staff. On 13-06-2017 Civil Surgeon named Karthik visited Park Hotel at Somajiguda. valet parking is offered by this Hotel, So this guy handed over the keys of his Car No TS01ED 3322 Skoda for valet parking driver, the valet driver took the car for parking and drove it in rash and negligent manner and hit  the car to wall.

The staff dragged the time to compromise with the Victim, after five days they called the victim and made false promises about compensating the damages and repairing the vehicle after five days of the compromise by making false promises the victim is forced to take the Vehicle to authorized service center himself baring all cost.

The Victim posted the same by showing all the evidence he had and shared his experience in facebook to aware the public about his victimization in the Hands of Hotel Park and its staff. So this how you will be treated when you wish to attends richest hotels as seen from Karthiks experience later he deleted the post in facebook people are dialoma that whether this post is genuine or prank.

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