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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Trump Travels - six Muslim Countries were banned to travel in USA

Quick Andhra web report: Donald Trump banned six Muslim Countries to travel  USA to banned Countries and banned Countries to USA. The Bill was implemented and several innocent passengers had became victims to this Bill. 

 All the passengers who traveled from the banned countries to USA were resisted in all main Airports.  Advocates of Passengers arrived to Main Airports and agitation against Trump were done by passengers. 

But Donald Trump explained that, for resisting the entry of the terrorist into the country  from major Muslim Countries he had that decision. Although Trump being a responsible President of United State of America taken such decision, some innocent may suffer from such decisions. But as a responsible leader he have to care about security issues of Country, he may have his own reasons to take such decisions. 

It shows how Trump cares his Country and his peoples security.  A Country is a house of a Person who rules it, exactly how we secure our own house resisting unknown persons to enter our house, as well as when there is a threat to a country from certain Community of people why should the Government have to take a chance.

May be some times Trump acts may cause inconvenience to some among the world, but later when we discuss and think about such acts, they can be understood how much depth is there in decision taken by such leaders.  

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