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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Swachh Bharath and Practical India

    Quickandhra Web Report :  ⌨  :         Simple giving speeches is not enough to make clean India, the government shall take volunteer in establishing the Swachh Bharath. Yes, government is providing financial support to construct private toilets but what about the toilets to be constructed in public by Government.

Actually attending natural call in open place is a habituated psychology. To change that psychology it is just and necessary to show alternative in public premises, it means every Village , town and City shall have the facility of public toilets in public places.

It is pity that now a days the general public is unable to find public toilets in Villages, even in major panchayats and even in small towns. For an individual if there is an option of leaving a habitual habit and  if he/she is self realized due to the awareness programs conducted by the government, if they wants to change themselves, they can find toilets at their own house due to the financial assistance of the government but when they are in public place such as roads, streets etc..., whats was the option left to them except to utilize open place to attend natural call. First of all it is better to facilitate the public and give a helping hand to the public who wants to change the mind. 

So if the Government takes initiate to establish public toilets in rural areas at public place it would be more helpfully to public and especially for Indian women. It is a minor problem as it looks but a major fact which wins the heart of India. Every one now a days want to live with pride but it depends upon the resources provided by Government. 

Practically a change can be expected but a helping hand shall be needed to pick with a hope. It is fact that the public toilets in India are not sufficient to follow up Swachh Bharath and the existing public toilets  are not enough to meet the public needs in India and also the maintenance is too worst of existing public toilets. 

When the Government wants to implement reformative theory on public it shall also assist public in reformation. It is better for Government to concentrate on Village while concentrating on development of  City's infrastructure.  

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