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AA dont do OA nothing happened to DJ

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First thing have to keep in mind that Review will not effect the mind of the audience.  Bahubali - the beginning 1st week talk is negative talk because some class of audience are in confusion to describe the story of the movie.

First of all no movie review will effect the show of a Star Hero in First Week, ever audience will prefer the content in the Movie. Mouth publicity is the main point for consideration of the movie and one more thing is that Mass audience will never follow the review and fans too. 30% audience in Tollywood  now a days follow reviews rest of them follow their own judgment. 

A review is an opinion of a single person 10% among 30% know that. The audience who are eager to see movie and have no leisure time to watch the movie and had kept an option to watch later will go on for review, so the subject and content in the Story is main thing for a movie accept it or not no failure will cause to movie because of review, the best example is Bahubali the beginning.

When the story of the Movie is Average then Review will show impact on that Movie , When a new Actor enters the Industry or an Director with combination of new Actor then review will show impact on that type of movies.

Review is an option for audience if there is simultaneous movie which is to the standard of the movie. At this Juncture I would like to discuss a story of  a Kid.

Chintu  12 years kid is intelligent kid who is always " A" grade student in Class, Due to his over confidence he gave his exams without preparation . The result is that Chintu got "C" grade in his unit exams. He answered his parents that "Teachers are not teaching good enough to understood". 

A similar point, its a point of a fact to be accepted or blame someone else. If DJ Movie is really having content it will definitely success, but blaming the same in reviews is not a fair play. for the negative talk for DJ Movie there are several aspects, whole state know that how Allu Arjun reacted on Pawan Kalyan fans, Although Allu Arjun is from Allu family he is treated as mega family member, when he himself expressed that he himself is apart from the Family, how can the fans accept that.  It have to be understood that there are no separate fans for Allu Arjun, all of them are combined and treated as a family. This loss can be compared to joint Family, the impact of division of Joint Joint family and impact division of fans results same. 
It is is the difference between Celebrity and Common man. Celebrity words reflects his character through his speech, behavior in public places and functions . How much good will obtained by celebrity is no matter, one single controversy will decide the fate of the Actor.

So there may be several reasons and the fate of DJ is not yet decided, unnecessary over active comments may lead the mind of public who are not aware to aware in wrong notion due to all this unnecessary comments against reviews.


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