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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Swachh Bharath - Name Sake - No Implementation in local bodies

         Environment is the most important aspect for the world  for the survival of mankind or existence of Human race. Good Environment is good health , good health is good wealth by recognizing the importance of the Environment Our Prime Minister started Swachh Bharath Mission. But the local bodies in the state Government are neglecting their duties. 
To be frank Swachh Bharath Mission is failed in Rural areas.

Some issues were been found by Quick Andhra team and same was been reported in this Article. 

Andhra Pradesh, Tadikalapudi Village, Kamavarapukota  Mandal : Quickandhra Internet Desk :

Tadikalapudi is Major Panchayt in this Mandal. The Picture is nearby State Bank of India in Tadikalapudi Village. Here you can find the trash and dirt nearby the Bank which comes under Tadikalapudi Panchayath. The people even cannot stand near by the Bank due to unhealthy environment near Bank. 

This is one among the several incidents evidencing the negligence of Panchayth and a transparent visual of  Swaachh Bharath Mission in Andhra Pradesh. 

This not only Village being like this, but there are several Panchayats in Andhra Pradesh which were neglecting their works. This is a Visual  evidence of one incident there are several incidents like this which were not came into light.