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Election Race => Starts <=

YSR Congress party is not having such support as before it had at the time of the election. Pending cases on Y.S.Jagan and media effect on that regard had shown a visible impact on previous elections. To be frank YSR Party lost in race and remained as opposition.

Why ?

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was framed as culprit in Media in support of that he was accused for several economic offences such as money laundering Act.

Rumors :

There were several rumors spread out at that time of previous election in Andhra Pradesh, One among them is that YSR Congress Party is a branch of congress party, due to the division  of state Congress lost its grip over Andhra Pradesh (Almost dead ) So there is a deal between YSR  Congress and Congress Party to cooperate with each other and another is that Jagan established party due to his survival but not for his followers or public.

What ever the reason may be it happened. YSR Congress lost Election battle. 

   Advantages for TDP in last Elections     

YS Jagan and Congress party played important role for the Victory of  the TDP in previous elections. Believe it or not its true.

Explanation: YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is a Junior most politician before Chandrababu Naidu (A Kid Vs +2 Comparatively) The state need a Visionary head who can lead the people towards development instead disputed persons.

Congress who shown bias in dividing the State without knowing the consequences and discriminated Andhra Pradesh while dividing the State, which resulted to remain Andhra Pradesh as a backward state.

As stated above consequences the Voters of Andhra Pradesh have no option except electing the senior most Politician who can lead them successfully, So the crowd didnt take a chance by giving an option.

But the present situation in  the state differ from previous. Leaders in Telugu Desam Party are unable to work together, some incidents are being watched by Public which may not show impact now but one day it will show impact on the party. 

In some constituencies the elected leaders are un available for the Voters who elected  them. It is appreciable that if any inconvenience is communicated to the Party, it is being resolved but it is pity that local elected member is not aware until it is complained to the Head of the party.   




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